It is important for music institutions to support transformative one-to-one learning and teaching practices, because one-to-one is most valuable for students when it is transformative.

Transformative one-to-one teaching and learning has many benefits, which you can read about on this website. But students may learn best of all when they can access a range of different learning environments, and forward-looking music institutions can help provide this diversity. For example, your institution may provide ways to offer:

  • collaborative learning activities for both teachers and students e.g. workshops, discussion groups
  • peer mentoring for both teachers and students
  • teacher-student mentoring
  • coaching activities
  • activities that promote critical reflection
  • for students, having more than one one-to-one teacher

Supplementary modes of learning like these are useful because they give teachers and students the opportunity to collaboratively reflect on, engage with, and enhance their own and others’ transformative teaching and learning practices.

The TOTAL_How-ToGuide_Institutions (PDF) outlines one possible process for fostering transformative teaching (and learning) practices within music institutions.

The following three downloadable documents illustrate some of the activities and programs of professional development workshops and symposia the TOTAL project included:

“I don’t want to churn out replicas of myself . . . I’d rather students retain their own voice”. 
(Conservatorium teacher, 2012)