For learning to be transformative, students need to take an active part. Reflect on and revise your own learning goals regularly, and discuss them with your teacher. Be responsible for your learning, proactive in asking questions, and open to new experiences. Try to actively develop a relationship with your teacher that is positive, collaborative, supportive, open, exploratory, reflective, and collaborative.

“A teacher can only do so much in a one-to-one situation. They can only give you so much direction before you have to take it on yourself.” (Conservatorium student, 2012)

Getting your teacher on board

By collaborating with you and exploring challenges and problems with you, your teacher will help you develop a deeper understanding of music and your instrument than if he or she simply provided you with all the answers. A transformative teaching situation helps you learn how to learn so that you can build on your knowledge and skills long into the future.

You may feel that your teacher is not taking a transformative approach. There may be good reasons for this – transformative learning is not always right for all students. Some of the activities here are designed to help you reflect on your own expectations, needs, and wishes as you learn a musical instrument. If you become more transformative in your approach to learning, it’s likely that your teacher will come along with you!


TOTAL_StudentGuide [PDF]

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